God In History

Who really established America?  Who gave us the freedom that we treasure today?  Who is the one really in charge of our nation’s history,present, and future? God did all of these things and is in charge of all of these things.  God has made his presence known throughout history in many different and miraculous ways including in the Civil War.

Did you know that your freedom and mine both came from the God who divinely established America way back  when the Pilgrims landed at Plymoth Rock in the 1600’s.  It is the same God that General George Washington prayed to at Valley Forge in that ever famous Painting of Washington on his knees in the snow. 

God made his presence known widely throughout the Civil War.  He did this at Fredricksburg through the Northern lights.  The Northern lights almost never happen in that part of Virginia because it is to far North.  After the battle the Aurora Borealis showed up and the wounded on the field and those trapped on the field were treated to a magnificent show. Also those in the town recieved a good show.  The men who saw it knew that it was God trying to tell them something.  God was trying to tell them that no matter what happened God would choose who the victor of the war would ultimately be.  God used the Aurora Borealis to show that he was and is the God of battles and wars.

During the Civil War God used another thing called an accoustic shadow to show his greatness.  An Accoustic shadow is created when there is a very loud noise such a cannon firing, and when it fires and someone is only a mile froom it they won’t be able to hear a thing but a spectator 5 miles away will hear the boom like he was very close that is an accoustic shadow.  I think God used that to show his power and presence during the Civil War.

To those of you who don’t belive God had any part or place in our history as Americans just go back and read some of the accounts of what happend and you will see God in our History.

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