My Musings

As I was watching the 9th tape of the Ken Burns Civil War series I heard something that made me really think.

John Wilkes Booth was a coward among cowards as we all know. He refused to join the Confederate Army because of that reason alone, but he got so angry over the fact that the south had surrendered that he went and shot the President.  Why didn’t he fight if he thought the war was so important? And why did he kill the man who would have given the south fair terms for reentry into the union once they did lose? How could he be angered at something he didn’t even have a part in? That just blows my mind. How could a man with such passion for his country do something so stupid. Did he not see the consequences that would come from his assasinating Lincoln. I think he knew he would be killed for committing such a hanous  crime but I don’t think he knew what it would do to his beloved south.  What possessed his mind to do such an idiotic thing?

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