To Carolina

 Sister Carrie my dear
I am sorry to hear
That you are intending to leave us
They say its a fact
That your trunk is all packed
And you hope by such conduct to grieve us

You have always been naughty
And willfull and saucy
Like a spoiled minx as you are
So vain of your beauty
Forgetfull of duty
You owe to indulgent Papa

I am sure you can’t say
You’ve not had your way
In each of our family’s broils
While I vow and declare
You’ve had your full share
In each of the national spoils

Just wait for a season
And listen to reason
Nor believe what your false lovers say
And their flattering lies
Will bring you to ruin some day

Though they promise so fair
Gay deceivers they are
From the one whom last evening you kissed
To Hammond and Rhett
And chivalrous Kelt
Orr, Memminger,piekins, and Gist

Some day all forlorn
Bedraggeled and torn
Like the prodical son in his need
You will knock at the door
And come home once more
Nor venture again to secede

Now be warned of your fate
Before its to late
Like a dear little innocent lamb
And do not forget
All the kindness of good Uncle Sam

The Palmetto tree
No shelter will be
When the dark clouds of anarchy tower
You will long for a rest
Of your own eagles nest
And the strong arm of Federal Power

Then dear little sis
Now give me a kiss
To make up these family jars
Seccession shall never
This Union dissever
Hurrah! for the Stripes and the Stars

This poem was written by Walt Whitman and is talking about the seccession of South Carolina


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