A story

The Civil War was a very bloody, violent, hateful time in American history but it also had a humorous side to it. So I will regall you my readers with a story from the lighter side of the war.

Herman Haupt had been having a very hard time getting his trains to their destinations due to the fact that Pope wanted to control the railways. Haupt went to the secratary of war and got an order saying that he was the commander of all the railrodes in the east. So once he got all the railrodes straightened out he was ordered to transport a battalion of untrained civilians to the battlefield at Mannassas during the battle of Second Manassas. On seeing the new troops (that were all drunk) he transported them but commented to an aide that I have been ordered to take them to the field but have not been ordered to bring them back. So he left them on the battlefield. They eventually got back to Washington by bribing some ambulance drivers to take them instead of the wounded back.

This is a very funny story. Which I found in the book Mr. Lincoln’s Army by Bruce Catton.

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