4 Interesting Facts About The Civil War

There were many things during the Civil War that were SO different from other wars in American history. Through this article I hope to relay to you four  little known facts. Sorry there are not any pictures the format wasn’t working.

1. The CSS Hunley was a Confederate submarine, though not the first submarine in history it was the first one to engage and sink a war ship.

2.  There was only one women receipiant of the Medal of Honor from the Civil War era and it was Dr. Mary Walker, A surgeon in the Union Army.

3.  The last battle of the Civil War was a Confederate victory. The battle of Palmetto Ranch Texas ended with the Federal Army driven from the field.

4. Robert E. Lee had two relatives in commanding positions in the Confederate Army. Fitzhugh Lee, Robert’s nephew was a cavalry colonel and Rooney Lee, Robert’s son, was also a cavalry colonel.

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