My Own Quiz

I was inspired by the last quiz I posted to create my own so here it goes. Post what you think the answers are as a comment and I will check and see that they are correct. Enjoy!

1.  Jefferson Davis was born June 3, 1808, in Fairview Kentucky. President Lincoln was also born in Kentucky. How far apart in miles and months were Davis and Lincoln born?

2. What was the name of Stonewall Jackson’s younger sister?

3.  Who said “Texas has made me a rebel twice” ?

4.  Who was the aid that accompanied General Lee to the McLean house to surrender?

5. Can you name the four main conspirators in the Lincoln assassination

6.  What battle did Grant regret making the last charge in?

7. Who was in command of the Confederate Army at the battle Chickamauga?

8. Who was the “Angel of Fredricksburg” and what was this person’s significance?

9.  Why was “Fighting Joe” Hooker given this nickname?

10. Bonus Question. Where was George McClellan born?

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