General Lee Remebered

There have been hundreds of books written about General Robert Edward Lee alone. I have  thrown my hat in the ring and attempted to do a simple biographical sketch of the man. In this post I thought I would share a few quotes about General Lee, also I will insert a few of  Lee’s quotes.

The newspapers of the day spoke very well him of  him (Lee). The New York Herald said ” In Lee the millitary genius of America was developed in a greater extent than ever before. In him all that was pure and lofty in mind and in purpose found lodgment. He came nearer the ideal of a soldier and Christian general than any man we can think of, for he was a greater soldier than Havelock, and equally as devout a Christian.

Newspapers abroad also praised Lee.  The Montreal Telegraph proclaimed that ” Posterity will rank Lee above Wellington or Napoleon, before Saxe or Tureene, above Marlborough or Fredrick, before Alexander. or Caesar… Lee was the greatest general of this or any other age.  He made his own name, and the name of the Confederacy he served immortal”.

In a likewise manner The London Standard said ” A country that has given birth to men like him, and those who followed him, may look  the chivalry of Europe in the face without shame: for the fatherlands of Signey and of Bayard never produced a nobler soldier, gentleman, and Christian than Gen. Robert E. Lee.”.

There have  been some very memorable things said about Lee:

“As in the lives of all persons, Lee’s essence ws to be found not in what he said, but in what he did. There were dimensions to Lee, but his life was one long response to whatever struck him as being the call of duty.” ~ Charles Bracelen Flood

“Lee is the greatest military genius in America” ~ General Winfield Scott 

” Ask me, if you please, to paint storm winds upon the sea; Tell me weigh great Cheops, set volcanic forces free;  But bid me not, my countrymen, to picture Robert E. Lee” ~ Memorial Ode by James Barron Hope

Now here are some quotes from Lee and quotes given directly to him.

” I would rather see you unlettered and unnoticed, if virtuous in practice as well as theory, than see you the equal in glory to the great Washington” ~Henry Lee to his sons. Robert definatly lived up to and exceeded his fathers expectations.

” You cannot become a true man until you learn to obey.” ~ Robert E. Lee. Lee learned and followed this principal throughout his entire life.

 ” ‘ Charity should begin at home’ says ___. No, charity should have no beginning or ending.” ~ Robert E. Lee.  Another principal Lee lived by.

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