An Appeal For the Country

This poem is a call to peace written before the war. This will be last post on Civil War poetry for awhile.

An Appeal For The country

E. K Blunt


“Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace, good will towards men


From lake to gulf, from sea to sea

We have knelt in one solemn fast

That God may heal our country’s strife

Forgiving us all our past.

Hear we no voice as we listening stand?

Comes there no angry touch on the angry hand?

Thrills not one heart-throb-throughout the land?

Peace brothers peace


Oh by our homes so bright and fair

Where the Christmas garlands wave

Oh, by our loved ones nestling there

By each cradle, by each grave

By the praying of our common prayer

By the Bible on which the people swear

Peace brothers peace


Would you render your country’s breast in twain?

It lies bare to the mortal blow

But the sword that could drink her holy vain

Should be that of a foreign fore.

Not her children, cradled free

Not her home- born never be

Such written page of history

Peace brothers peace


Would ye part the river which North and South

Rolls grandly its career

Sounds not a tone from its mighty mouth

teaching us, far and near

That the North and South like it must be

One power, one home, one unity

One time, and one eternity

Peace brothers peace


Brothers beware the storm is high

Our ship of state strains heavily

And her flag who’s spangles have lit the sky

Is fluttering tattered and torn to be.

God of our father Washington

Our trust is in thy arm alone.

Count thou her start, keep ever one!

Peace brothers peace

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