Summer Vacation

well, my favorite point of my summer is finally here. My family and I will be going on a two week vacation to the Fredericksburg/Washington D.C. area. I will be seeing such famous places as Marye’s heights, the Bloody Angle, and the Chancellor House. So I will not be posting for that time period.  I will be taking a vacation from writing about the Civil War to go on a trip that will be centered in one of the Civil War centers of the United States, ironic isn’t it?  I hope to glean new information and pass that on to you. So I bid you a fond Adue! 

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  1. Received your web blog via google the other day and absolutely find it irresistible. Continue the fantastic work.

    • Thank you very much! By the grace of God I will continue to share with you the information I glean from my travels and studies in the hope that you will continue to learn also

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