A Nation Divided

Our former president, Jimmy Carter said in a news interview today that “This country has become so polarized that its almost astonishing….  Not only with the red and blue states…  President Obama suffers from the most polarized situation in Washington that we have ever seen – even maybe than the time of Abraham Lincoln and the initiation of the war between the states.”  If President Carter had done some research he would have seen that this is totally off base. At no time in our history has the political balance been so off. I will compare for you Washington today and the way it was during the Civil War.

First of all, during the Civil War, the country was completely divided into to seperate nations. Nothing that has happened yet in Obama’s term as president has come even close to the magnitude of that, a few tea parties here and there don’t compare.

Secondly, even the states that did not secede fought just as long, and as hard as the states at war to fulfill their personal agendas. Their battles resulted in beatings on the Senate floor. Senator Charles Sumner (MA) was given a brutal beating by Senator Preston Brooks (SC)  because of a speech he gave. At no time have the “disagreements” in the Senate, Congress, or House led to violence of any sort.

Thirdly, men were being exiled from the country due to their radical beliefs during the Civil War. Clement Vallandigham was exiled for expressing sympathy for the enemy. He was given a military trial, sentanced to two years in military prison, and then President Lincoln commuted his sentance to banishment to the Confederacy. Only during times of war or when a nation is truely divided do they resort to such drastic measures as the previously mentioned things. Carter and Obama have another thing coming to them if they think the state of things is as bad as they say.

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