A Few Interesting Pictures

Here  are few interesting pictures taken by my dad, sister, and me at Fredericksburg

This is one area where the Union Army crossed on their pontoon bridges.

The Union forces would have crossed over the Rappahannock river from the wooded side to the hill on which I was standing.

This was one street that the Union troops used to get into Fredericksburg once they crossed the Rappahannock.

 This street is called Rocky Lane. You can see the river at the end. This was the position of the center potoon bridge (there were 3 bridges this was the middle one).

Part of the original wall at the sunked road, Marye's heights Fredericksburg.

The Union soldiers charged this wall during their assualt on Marye’s Heights. It was held by Georgian and South Carolinian troops.

The Innis house stood in this location throughout the Battle of Fredericksburg.

 The Innis house was built sometime in 1861 on the property of Martha Stephens. It was lived in by John Innis, a common law husband of Martha.

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