A Story Passed Down Through The Ages

The Civil War is more than just a hobby or a passion for me. Its my solace. I retreat into my books when I’m sick, tired, sad or lonely. Besides all of that though it totally intrests me. It’s like an unfolding story with new twists and turns. Something that I never knew or saw before is always unfolding. It’s a story full of intrigue, excitement, horror, beauty, love, hatred, new life, and death. It’s the story of You and I. 

The characters in this story are as  many and as varied as snowflakes. You have rich, asristocratic plantation owners fighting along side dirt poor farmers in the Southern Army. In the Northern Army you have immigrants fresh off ships from Ireland and Germany fighting with governors and politicians. The officers on either side ranged anywhere from regulary army, West Point trained generals to barely literate colonels elected by popular choice. All played a large role in this story. There were no supporting actors and characters all were front line stars. We just have to discover their roles.

The Civil War is a story that has had an effect on our everyday lives as Americans. According to Shelby Foote ” The Civil War defined us. It was the crossroads of our being .”  It made us stronger as a nation.  It made us a more perfect Union; undivided and strong.

 “A song for our banner?” – The watchword recall
Which gave the Republic her station:
“United we stand – divided we fall!” –
It made and preserves us a nation                                                                                   The union of lakes – the union of lands –
The union of States none can sever –
The union of hearts – the union of hands –
And the Flag of the Union for ever
And ever!
The Flag of our Union for ever

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