“Dear Family and Neighbors”

Not an actual picture of Cummins its a good representative image.

I was recently given the opportunity to view a collection of over 2oo hundred letters from the  Civil War sent by S. B. Cummins to his family. They were on display at the Northland International University Library. That was the first chance I’ve ever had to really get “up close and personal” with Civil War documents. Let me just take the time to say that was one of the coolest things I have ever seen or done. I was just blown away by what he wrote about; the weather, his pay, and where they were in camp. He didn’t write about blood, gore, or battle very often. He wrote about what mattered to him on a daily basis.  He wrote about the things that he thought mattered to his family. He was a very down to earth kind of guy (at least thats what I gathered from his letters). He wasn’t one of those over zealous soldiers looking for glory and honor on the field of battle. He was your regular joe, run of the mill kind of guy. That struck me as so cool.  It helps to personalize the Civil War and humanize it, if thats the right term to use. It brought it down to a level of personability that I think you need to have in order to get a real grasp on the Civil War.

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