A Battlefield Description

The second day of the battle of Gettysburg contained intense fighting. The 20th Maine was right in the heat of the forefront of the fighting. This is Joshua Lawrence Chamberlains’s description of the fighting on Little Round Top. “”At times I saw around me more of the enemy than my own men; gaps opening, swallowing, closing again with sharp convulsive energy; squads of stalwart men who had cut their way through us, disappearing as if translated. All around, strange, mingled roar- shouts of defiance, rally, and desperation; and underneath, murmured entreaty and stifled moans; gasping prayers, snatches of sabbath song, whispers of loved names; everywhere men torn and broken, staggering, creeping, quivering on the earth, and dead faces with strangely fixed eyes staring stark into the sky. Things which cannot be told- nor dreamed.”

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