Colorized Civil War Photographs

The Alexander Gardener photo of "The Harvest of Death" at Gettysburg....copyright Mark Maritato

Whilst scanning over the blogs I read daily I perchanced upon The Blood Of My Kinsmen blog and found these “beauties”. I found three pictures from the Civil War that have been colorized. These pictures totally blew my mind. When I look at the black and white photographs I get a sense of the fact that something monumentous happend here, something important that I must strive to learn about, to know about. It feels as though the event is distant. I am struck with a sense of awe while looking at the black and white prints because I amlooking at history right in front of my eyes. The way the foks at home viewed the pictures…When I look at the colorized versions of the pictures I feel as if I am there. I understand more fully the weight of the situation. It brings to life the death, the carnage, and the suffering that really characterized the Civil War. It helps

Also taken at Gettysburg by Alexander Gardener.

me understand the fact that the upwards of 620,000 men killed are more than just names and numbers on a page. They were real people, fighting for a real cause, with real guns and cannons. Death was real, suffering was real. These pictures make it REAL for me….Candidly when I look at these pictures at first glance I want to hurl because of the gruesomeness of it. Then, I want to take a second glance because of how amazingly colorful and real it makes it. Finally, I find myself staring at the picture trying to look at every detail I possibly can, realizing more deeply the fact that the war was indeed fought in color….these pictures just blow me away.

The third, and final colorized photo. Taken at Gettysburg.





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