A B C’s of The Civil War

Here is the next few letters in the sequence.

P is for: General John Pope

General Pope commanded the Union Army of the Potomac June 26 to September 1862. During his time as commander the battle of 2nd Mannassas took place

General John Pope


Q is for: William Quantrill

Quantrill was an infamous raider who sacked Lawrence Kansas, killing  150 men and boys.

William Quantrill

R is for: General John Reynolds

General John Reynolds was one of the best officers the Union Army ever had in their service. His military career was cut short at the battle of Gettysburg where he was shot and killed.

General John Reynolds

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A B C’s of The Civil War

M is for Medicine

During the Civil there were major advances made in the field of medicine during the Civil War. Especially in the area of amputation and surgery.                                   






N is for Newspapers

Newspapers were one of the only ways to recieve news from the front. There were many different city,state, and nation wide newspapers from which a person could choose. Many of them were illustrated.










O is for Edward Ord

Major General Edward O. Ord was a general in the Union Army. He commanded colored troops at the battle for Fort Fisher and was present at Appomattox for the surrender.

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A B C’s Of the Civil War

J is for

John Hunt Morgan, was a famed Confederate cavalry raider who made many raids into Northern territory. He escaped from the Ohio Penitentiary by digging a tunnel and escaping Hollywood style.

K is for

Kansas, the sight of many raids and deaths before and during the Civil War. Before the war it was known as “Bleeding Kansas” because of  the many partisan raids on the settlers there. The raids were because of the Kansas-Nebraska Act and the issue of whether or not Kansas should be a free or slave state.

L is for

General William Loring ,served in the United States Army before the war and served in the Confederate Army during the war. He lost an arm at the battle of Ezra Church. After the war he served in the Egytpian Army and he ran unsucsesfully for a seat in the senate.

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The A B C’s of the Civil War

G is for Gettysburg


Gettysburg was the blodiest three days in the Civil War. It was also a major turning point for the Army of the Potomac.

H is for Herman Haupt


Herman Haupt was a Union General who greatly revolutionized the movement of troops and supplies via the railroad system.


I is for Insurrection


John Brown attempted to start an insurrection among the slaves but, his plans were foiled by the U.S. Army.

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A B C’s Of the Civil War

D is for Dahlgren Gun

The Dahlgren gun was mainly a navy gun it was a breech loading gun.  The man in the picture is John Dahlgren the inventor of the Dahlgren gun.

E is for Eward Alexander Porter

Edward Porter was the man in charge of the enourmas arttilery barrage just before Picketts Charge at Gettysburg.

F is for Field Hospital

This Field hospital was outside of  Richmond.Field hospitals were where the wounded would be transported during a battle or before they could be transfered to a more permanent hospital.

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The A B C’s of The Civil War


A is for Abatis.     


Abatis is a fortifacation used to block the advance of enemy troops.

B is for Bombshelter4923-004-DB50021A

These bombshelters were used by the women in Vicksburg.

C is for Caisson


This is a Caisson and Limber in it the ammunition for a cannon would be carried.

the next few letters will come soon

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