April 1865 Part 2

This is a continuation of the post on the events of April 1865.

April 3rd: Richmond is captured by Union forces. The Confederates were pushed from their lines at Petersburg. It was now possible for the Federal troops to march into Richmond unhindered.  General Lee sent a telegraph to President Davis while he was attending church at St. Paul’s in Richmond. The telegraph said that Davis had better evacuate quickly because the Yankees were coming. Jefferson Davis and his cabinet fled on the day known as Evacuation Sunday.

April 9th: Lee surrenders the Army of Northern Virginia to General Ulysses Grant. General Lee surrendered in the home of Wilmer Mclean (on whose property the first battle of the war was fought). General Grant, in his terms was very kind to General Lee. He said  any man who entered the army with a horse or mule may leave with that same animal provided it was still living. Grant also gave rations to every man in the Army of Northern Virginia. With the signing  of the surrender the Confederacy essentially ended

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On This Day In History

On this day in history April 14th 1865, Abraham Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth. The war had just come to an end. The tumultous, bloody time was finally over. But on that night an absolutly tragic thing happened, John Wilkes Booth a Southern sympathizer took the war into his own hands. The country was in mourning already for the 600,000 men and boys it had lost in the past four years, and then there was a new name added to the already horribly long casualty lists. That of Abraham Lincoln.

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April 1865

So many important things happened in April 1865. Ranging from sieges to surrenders, and from battles to riots . The most important to the Union was the multiple  surrenders that took place that month. April 1865 was not a good time for the Confederates at all , at this point in the war they had absolutly no hope at all. They knew that they were a conquered people.

APRIL 1st: The battle of Five Forks Virginia began (Saylor’s Creek).  This battle was part of the final campaign  between the Northern and Southern armies. The Commanders were General Phil Sheridan for the North and George Pickett for the South.  The South suffered over 2,950 casualties at the hands of Sheridan’s Cavalry, whereas the Union suffered only 830 dead, wounded, and missing.

An interesting fact about this battle is that during the beginning of it two of the  major generals from both the North and South were not present on the battlefield.At the beginning of the battle

Sheridan was not even awake.  He awoke to the sound of cannon and soon after rode to the field on his horse Rienzi (named after a skirmish at Rienzi Mississippi) just in time to rally his troops after they had been pushed back by the Confederate onslaught.

Pickett, at the beginning of the battle was two miles away attending a Shad fry with some of his fellow officers. By the time he arrived on the field the battle was over. He was too late to offer any assistance.

APRIL 2nd: Bread riots break out in Richmond. Those still in Richmond in 1865 included government officials, women, and children. Food at an affordable price was very scarce. A barrel of flour sold for up to four hundred dollars at the end of the war in Richmond.

Women, ravished by hunger rushed on to the streets of Richmond and began looting stores. The group quickly degenerated into a mob. They broke store windows with bricks, stones, and sticks. They looted the stores taking bread, shoes, cloth, and they even took slabs of beef from the arsenal. Jefferson Davis stood atop an over-turned wagon. He had ordered the Richmond Home Guard to come and assist in regaining control of the mob. Davis threw his change at the mob and said that was all he had also. Even with bayonets in their faces the rabble did not disperse. Davis told them they had five minutes to disband or the militia would fire on them. They stood for a few minutes and then realized  that he was serious they left.

To be continued…

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On This Day In History

Did You Know…?

On August 19, 1864, General Grant wrote to Secratary of  War William Seward asking him to stop the exchange of Prisoners of War.  A request which Secratary Seward granted thus ending the prisoner exchange.images

William H. Seward

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On This Day In History

Did You Know…?

On August 17 1863, James Ewell Brown Stuart (a.k.a JEB Stuart) takes command of the Army of Northern Virginia’s Cavalry a position he would hold until his death at Yellow Tavern VA in 1864.

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On This Day In History

Did You Know…?

On August 15 1864, the Union Navy captured the Confederate ironclad cruiser Georgia ,built in England, off of the coast of Portugal at the city of Lisbon, after the capture it was sold to a British shipowner who disarmed it.

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On This Day In History

Did You Know…?

On August 14 1861,  Major General John Charles Fremont (USA) “the Great Pathfinder”  declares martial law in St. Louis the city and county.

John Charles Fremont

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On This Day In History

Did You Know…?

On August 13, 1831, Nat Turner had the last vision in the series of visions he had before he started the insurrection eight days later that killed 55 whites and approximately 100 blacks.

Nat Turner

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On This day In History

I’m sure any of my readers who have to pay taxes will thoroughly enjoy this.

Did You Know…?

On August 2 1861, Congress passed the first ever income tax.   The tax was 3% for incomes of 800 dollars or more.

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On This Day In History

Did You Know…?

That on August 1,1861 the Nation of Brazil officialy recognizes the Confederacy as a nation.

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