Gettysburg the 141st Anniversary

though this past year it was the 147th anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg these pictures are still poignant and interesting so I thought I would post them for you all to see.

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What If God Were A Socialist?

Many people in our society today are accused of being Socialists or of having Socialist agendas. Is Socialism good, bad, or does it not matter?  If God walked the earth today (I’m not saying he isn’t alive, but if he were actually a human on the earth) would he be a Socialist?

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Here In America


This is a really cool video that makes me wonder do we still trust in God here in America? Or have we become an atheistic nation? Have we abandoned the one who founds and tears down nations? I think we have, but if we turn to God he will once again smile on us as a nation.

Here is the video

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Music in the Civil War

General Lee said that you can’t have an army without music. It was what kept men going through the hard winters in camp and helped to raise the morale of the men. Here are few videos of some songs I think illustrate this point

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Turning Points For America

Well Yesterday was 9/11. So I will post on that topic.

It was a Friday 8 years ago that the face of terrorism and America were changed, by two planes, that were hijacked by the terrorist. It was a turning  point for America just as the battles of Gettysburg and Vicksburg where major turning points for the Army of the United States during Civil War.

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The American Civil War

This is a video I whipped about commemorating the Civil War

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